Genomic and Bioinformatics Databases

Rapid advancements of molecular genetics and DNA sequencing technologies have resulted in an explosion of genetic data, marked by the milestone sequencing and assembly of the entire human genome. Knowledge of DNA and RNA sequences has greatly accelerated experimental molecular genetics, leading to faster accumulation of functional and mechanistic research data. This is correlated by the increasing number of general sequence, genomic, and specialized niche databases and software services.

Our expertise in both public and commercial databases at AGTI stem from the understanding of both the biological and genomic sciences, and the computational principles in bioinformatics, which enables us to help our clients quickly identify resources and software tools to advance their research agendas.

Databases or data that are commonly utilized at AGTI include, but not limited to, Genbank, Entrez Gene, Unigene, dbSNP, PubMed, UniProt, UCSC genome, ENSEMBL and EBI database (such as Interpro), MGI, Gene Ontology, KEGG, BioCarta, Reactome, TRANSFAC®, Ingenuity®, BIND, etc.

The "web" of biological and genomic databases is composed of both original experimental information and cross-references to each other with a few highly connected hub nodes, such as Entrez Gene, UCSC, and ENSEMBL. Our knowledge of this rapidly expanding web of genetic, genomic, and functional information helps to navigate therein and answer the question: what’s available?