Database Design and Implementation

Alpha-Gamma Technologies, Inc. offers database design and implementation support for a wide range of database management systems including Oracle, Microsoft SQL, Lotus Notes, Sybase SQL, DB2, Informix, and MS Access.

Database Design
Selection of the right database management system and effective database design are critical to retrieving your data quickly and easily. Database developers match the right system to the clients needs and design and develop structures for optimum performance of mission-critical applications.

Database Implementation
Alpha-Gamma has expertise in building, deploying, and administering a wide range of database systems. This includes system architecture, managing database devices, and implementing database security and backup policies. We provide reliable database solutions that support online transaction processing, decision support systems (DSS), mixed workload environments, and the Internet.

Data Conversions
Alpha-Gamma has extensive experience in bringing electronic information together from multiple platforms (mainframe, mini, and microcomputers), environments, and formats into one consistent format within a single database management system. This often involves the development of sophisticated software routines to accomplish the data conversions and replication with other database formats.

The need for arranging your large amounts of information in a simple, compact, easy-to-access format becomes increasingly more critical. Alpha-Gamma can help you better manage and organize your data systems.