Business Intelligence needs for pharmaceutical companies range from analyzing research and clinical trial data to regulatory filings to marketing optimization to monitoring sales force effectiveness. SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Platform combines all these features and much more in an integrated framework. With its internet-enabled online analytical processing (OLAP) feature, SAS's business intelligence solutions enable pharmaceutical enterprise users to securely access and analyze data from any location around the world.

The biotechnology advancements produce large quantity of data, which requires computational support by bioinformatics for storage, analysis, and integration of these data with other research data including clinical trial data.

Alpha-Gamma's bioinformaticians are actively supporting research scientists at NIEHS in analysis of DNA microarray and related data; and participating in the development of software platform and tools such as caBIG and caBIO, using both commercial and open source bioinformatic software. Our knowledge of biological science, and public genomic and literature databases enables us to navigate through the complexity of biological data to quickly abstract knowledge and meaning from high-throughput data.

Alpha-Gamma's experience in life sciences sector allows its customers to take full advantage of the business intelligence solutions offered by SAS® through product customization and consulting services.

*Alpha-Gamma Technologies Inc. is a SAS® Inc. Alliance Partner