Banking and Financial Services

In today's world, banks and financial institutions face more regulatory pressure and competition than ever. Regulations leave organizations with less room to differentiate from each other, while stiff competition leaves less room for any error, misstep or oversight. On the other hand, the amount of data that banks and financial institutions have to store, manage and access increase every day, increasing the likelihood of such adverse occurrences.

SAS® Banking Intelligence Solution and SAS® Enterprise Intelligence Platform are two effective solutions that assist banks and financial institutions in their quest to perform under current market conditions. These business intelligence solutions help banks and financial institutions manage, access, analyze and report data efficiently and conveniently in an integrated framework.

At Alpha-Gamma we offer customized SAS® Banking Intelligence Solution and SAS® Enterprise Intelligence solutions to banks and to financial institutions, helping them to regain a competitive edge in an ever crowded and less forgiving field. We bring you the advantage of possessing an integrated business intelligence solutions platform that combines proven tools for credit risk management, profitability analysis, fraud detection and prevention, performance measurement and more.

*Alpha-Gamma Technologies Inc. is a SAS® Inc. Alliance Partner